12 January 2013

Food in a bag a la peruana!

Yes, I know, I haven't officially blogged in a couple of months and LOTS of things to catch you all up on...but in the meantime, I found another entry to my "Food in a bag" post (which generated 4, count 'em four, comments--my highest number to date! :).

I'm in Peru for a couple of weeks traveling and saw the--in my opinion--the oddest choice of food item to put in a bag: eggs! While I can think of a "con" for this kind of packaging I'm not sure what a "pro" would be. Anyone?

More in the near future on Colombian destinations (Ciudad Perdida, Popayan, Putumayo...) and Peru (Lake Titicaca, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Nazca, the Amazon...). I'm heading back to teach in Cartagena for 2013 also; my 6 week visit has turned into over a year!


Maureen said...

Pro - If they drop, the mess is already contained!

Peru?! So exciting. Did/will you see Machu Picchu?

Barb(ara) said...

Yes!! Machu Picchu among other cool cool places! Will post about them in the (hopefully) not too distant future...am just back in Cartagena now & about to start teaching again! Ah, work....

P.S. Of course, the bag's in case they drop!! :)