01 December 2011

Food in a bag

I never thought about packaging ketchup in a bag before, but why not? It's like those ketchup packets you get at McDonald's, only on a larger scale, right? And if it works for ketchup, why not mayonnaise & mustard? Sour cream? And milk for that matter (which I'll admit I have seen before). Not just whole, 2% and skim, but condensed milk too. Be creative! Bag your water, your lotion, and your liquid soap while you're at it. It's convenient and space saving! The mayo, ketchup, etc., have spouts you can close; the milk, yogurt drinks and water don't. I'm working on a good system for those once opened, but so far binder clips are key.



Many of you know my aversion to buying water; however I was advised not to drink the tap water here. I had been boiling water but I couldn't keep up with my own thirst!

Ice cream sauces

Yogurt drinks.

Oatmeal, a very popular item (there's also milk with oatmeal, yogurt with oatmeal....)

Sour cream & alioli

Condensed milk, chocolate even!

Stuff in a bag: lotion

Stuff in a bag: liquid soap

Stuff in a bag: floor wax


Sara H said...

wow - stuff in a bag and nearly $5,000!
Can't beat those binder clips. A real favourite of mine ;)))))

CAS said...

Nifty packaging! Can the bags be recycled and/or re-used?

Melissa C said...

Its rather brilliant, I think. Takes up less space than a box. No weird plastic mold shapes.

IronMo said...

Love it! Never seen this before.

Wow, google REALLY wants me to use my Google acct and not Wordpress. 3 tries and it won't post even though I know the Captcha is right. I get it, google.