03 October 2017

Back to Belize

Getting our coffee & chocolate fix at San Pedro's
 Chocolate Boutique!
It was great being back in Belize for a month plus -- this time I was cat sitting on Ambergris Caye for the "aloof-but-happy-to-see-me-if-I-gave-her-a-treat" Stella, who lived right in San Pedro town! (Of course while there I was also there keeping up on all things happening with the condos I work with in Belize, as there's always something new.) Highlights of this island visit!

1. Catching up with island friends, who, among other things, kept me caffeinated & chocolate-filled.

2. September is the month of holidays in Belize; my in-town digs offered me a front row seat to the parades: bring on your Belizean blue, white & red (please note the correct order of saying the flag's colors)!
3. Facebook connected me with Mary, from San Diego via Wisconsin, who coincidentally has ties to Cartagena AND was on Ambergris Caye at the same time I was! We first met face-to-face to walk the shelter dogs and after one short walk, a deluge started, so we spent the next 45 minutes getting to know each other while staying dry in one of the kennels (the pup we were in there with there loved the attention of course)--a meeting to be remembered! Also did a day trip to neighboring Caye Caulker, where we visited the seahorse ranch (although the creatures proved elusive) and got to feed tarpon; see video! (they have no teeth, but they do swallow their prey hole....bwahahaha.)

Heading down to Xibalba...
likely in a manner the Maya did not!

4. Before leaving Belize & on my way to Guatemala, I spent a night in the mainland at the Mariposa Jungle Lodge. What a treat! Descended into the Maya underworld in a tour of the nearby Bols Cave Museum. It is filled with Maya relics and bones from 950 B.C. We heard stories of blood letting and sacrifices made there in Xibalba, the underworld….and then turned off all flashlights to experience utter and complete darkness....creepy!!!

Next up: Guatemala!
What are the stories behind these ~3000 year old Maya bones?
(More Bols Cave photos here.)

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